Reminder - Students 'At Risk' of Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction. It occurs when a person is exposed to an allergen (such as a food or insect bite). Although death is rare, an anaphylactic reaction always requires an emergency response. Prompt treatment with injected adrenaline (EpiPen) is required to halt progression and can be lifesaving. Fortunately anaphylactic reactions are usually preventable by implementing strategies for avoiding allergens.


Common allergens for anaphylaxis are:


• foods (e.g. peanuts and nuts, shellfish and fish; and in pre-school age children, milk and egg)

• insect bites (e.g. bee, wasp, jumper ants)

• medications (e.g. antibiotics, aspirin)

• latex (e.g. rubber gloves, balloons, swimming caps).


The severity of an anaphylactic reaction can be influenced by a number of factors including exercise, hot weather and in the case of food allergens, the amount eaten. In the case of severe food allergies, an anaphylactic reaction is usually triggered by ingestion of the food, however, although rare, it is possible for skin contact or food odours to trigger an anaphylactic reaction.


It is important therefore that parents, staff and children recognise the risk and understand the steps taken to minimise the exposure to specific triggers of an anaphylactic reaction.


I am requesting that parents/carers please minimise the risk of exposure by taking the following steps to assist the school manage the needs of the student:

  • Please ensure that your son/daughter wash their hands before coming to school, particularly if they have handled food or utensils that have come into contact with any of the allergens listed below.
  • Please do not send to school food products which contain any of the allergens listed below.


The known allergens include:

  • Peanut products
  • Egg products


If you would like some further clarification regarding any of the information discussed, please feel free to speak with your child’s classroom teacher or alternatively with myself in the office.


Thank you for your support and understanding.


Yours sincerely,


Kim Perkins