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This is an application only and not an enrolment.


A parent/responsible person applying to enrol a child in a public school should complete the Application for Enrolment form. Only permanent Australian residents and those children holding an approved visa subclass number are eligible to enrol in public schools.


Please complete one form for each child. You will also be required to show proof of your child’s date of birth (usually birth certificate) and of your usual place of residence. An example of this would be a utilities account (electricity, water or telephone) showing your name and usual place of residence.





Applications for the first round of offers for Kindergarten are accepted any time during the year before attending until the closing date. Please see the Application to Enrol Form A for further details.


Applications after this date will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Enrolment policy and classroom availability. Once accepted, you will be required to complete enrolment procedures at the school.


Parents should bring evidence of the child's legal name, immunisation records, immigration records (if applicable) and medical information. Any Family Court Orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court should also be made available at the time of enrolment. If your Application for Enrolment is not accepted, you will be advised in writing within three weeks of the advertised closing date for applications.




Commencing in 2011 Caversham Primary School has been declared a Local-Intake Public School. The School Education Act 1999 provides for local-intake schools and schools without a local-intake area. A school under enrolment pressure may be declared to be a local-intake school by the delineation of a local-intake area. All compulsory-aged children who live in the local-intake area are guaranteed enrolment. The same guarantee applies at the pre-compulsory level subject to the availability of accommodation.


Please visit the Schools Online website to see full details of the local-intake area. Click Here.


Please contact the school on (08) 9218 6850 to confirm if your child is within the declared Local-Intake area for Caversham Primary school. Application to enrol and full enrolment forms are available below. Dependant on your time of enrolment additional forms may be provided for completion at the time of enrolment.


Application to Enrol Form A


Link Department of Education Enrolment Policy